About Us

F ounded in Tokyo in 1992, our on-going mission is “Developing Global Thinkers.”  If you or your organization seeks to improve performance, you’ve come to the right place.


We are all about Global Readiness®.
Our Global Readiness® Program and related offerings are tailored to our clients’ learning and development needs.  As Steve Chandler wrote regarding our approach, we help your selected managers “break through all the self-induced limitations” so that you and your organization can thrive in the global market.

Our Approach

AMT Group’s holistic approach helps your people raise their self-awareness and expand their vision, demystify foreign behavior and enhance their management and leadership skills. You and your team can increase your Global Readiness®.

Our Values

Our mutual success is founded on five core Action Values:


especially to you, in order to understand your needs and incorporate your feedback


enthusiastic participation by facilitating practical workshops and coaching sessions


participants with expertise and confidence


in preparing programs that all participants will contribute to and benefit from


that enables people to address strengths and weaknesses and achieve greater personal and professional success


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