Global Readiness® Program

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Global Readiness® is about being better prepared for the potential opportunities within a global business environment than you have ever been before. In today’s world, where barriers and distances are disappearing so quickly and change is happening so constantly, being “globally ready” is critically important. For  teams to function internationally, it is essential to consider the characteristics, attitudes and necessary skills needed. In collaboration with our long term clients, AMT-Group has identified 25 key “elements of Global Readiness®.” This resulted in development of the Global Readiness® Profile, a tool that creates an accurate snapshot of where you and your team rank with regards to these 25 key elements. The Global Readiness® Profile helps you identify who is ready for action, and how to promote his or her improvement.



The Global Readiness® Profile is a combination of an on-line, a colleague, and a business community assessment, comprising an interview, a brief presentation, and a case study simulation. The total time invested by each candidate is 4-5 hours. After completing the Profile, each candidate receives an accurate snapshot of where they score on 25 key elements of “Global Readiness®”, with both qualitative and quantitative results. Our experienced facilitators add value through an in-depth review of the profile together with the GRP candidates, helping them develop a personal “Global Readiness® Improvement Plan.”



Every GRP candidate is able to identify the behaviors that enhance – and those that inhibit – positive interactions and influential outcomes. This increase in self-awareness by itself leads to improvement. Once the GRP candidates identify their personal areas of improvement, our Global Readiness® Guides provide further support either through individual coaching or by recommending one of the many programs that can help increase their Global Readiness®. Popular programs include “Making an impact – on the phone”, “Presentation Skills”, and “Leadership skills”.
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